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Acme People Search Engine Is A Niche Powered Affiliate Marketing Business

People Search Is Huge.

We all know that the Search Engines of Google, Yahoo, MSN are making enormous incomes from Searches.

But do you know the fastest growing Search Market on Google now is People Searches ?

It is not surprising as 30% of all Searches on Google and Yahoo are People Search
Related and Growing consistently. That is a staggering 20 billions searches per month!

What if you can leverage this Expanding Niche by owning your own income producing  People Search Engine as an affiliate?

Hard to believe?

Then you may want to read how Tissa Godavitarne of Acme People Search made $2.2 million dollars in Affiliate Commissions for 2007 exclusively from just one affiliate program.

The People Search Engine Niche Market.

To leverage on this exploding niche and with $100,000 in investment in a period of 2 years,Tissa has created a duplicable and automated People Search Engine where you can duplicate the system when you join Acme People Search affiliate program.

Get Your Very Own Income Producing People Search Engine And Leverage The Exploding Niche of The Big Search Engines :Google,Yahoo,MSN.

Meet the Demand in this Exploding Niche With Your OWN Automated People Search Engine!

Earn Affiliate Commissions EVERY TIME Someone Uses Your Search Engine to Get Results!

Build multiple Residual Income Streams Using the Search Engine’s Own Referral Program!

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Now Tissa has innovatively duplicated the complete automated system for his affiliates to own their very own Automated People Search Engine.

See My Automated People Search Engine here

This is the People Search Engine Widget.You can try your people search here for free:

Beneath the simplicity lies a very sophisticated 7 streams of affiliate generating incoming system!

This Blog is the Hub for information, resources,insights and useful business guides on this exciting Affiliate Program. This Blog serves as my Team Building Centre to expand and leverage this relatatively unknown People Search Niche.


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